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Nitro-Music Rumble #10

Title: Toki no Kagi


Description: I composed a music for a fictional anime: Toki no Kagi (key of time). I wasn't too much into anime so I took the time to study the patterns that were coming back often:

  • a duration of 1'30"
  • electric guitars
  • the "V-VI-iii-iv" chord progression
  • 3 parts (an intense one, a quiet one and a very intense one to finish).

I took all this, shook it hard and voilà!

I also wrote some lyrics but I don't master neither singing nor Japanese to dare to present a sung version!

Nitro-Music Rumble #9

Title: The Elevator of Love

Link: (I updated the video because there was a mini video glitch that was bothering me)

Description: I chose to use the elevator theme in a metaphorical way. It's an emotional elevator that explores the love encounter.
Each floor represents a stage in the relationship and so the music adapts and evolves. Because of this idea I had to study three different types of drums:

  • Bossa nova (with its congas and rimshots against the beat)
  • Rock ballad (with the snares full of reverb)
  • Metal (I'm not sure if I did this one right)

The voice is taken from a text-to-voice site that I pitched a bit.

It's much less musical than what I usually do and much more into atmosphere and storytelling.

Nitro-Music Rumble #8

Title: Sunset on the Pentatonic Shrine


Description: Five notes available, pentatonic scale, let's go for a Japanese theme!
I chose typical instruments like the shamisen, the koto and the shakuhashi to have a real local atmosphere. The first difficulty was to create a transition from an instrumental atmosphere at 80 bpm to a more electro music at 120 bpm.
The second was to create a rich sound with only five notes. Some chords could not be complete (tonic, third and fifth) and I had to be cunning. Power chords or sus2/sus4 to avoid the third (C#sus4, G#sus4 for example) and a minor chord without fifth (A#m).
A much more interesting challenge than it seemed at first!

Nitro-Music Rumble #7

Title: Burning Asphalt


Description: In order to make it sound like a racing music, I went for the efficient way: I chose a BPM 150 and a big electric guitar.
For the limitation, my first idea was to start in 5/4, switch to 4/4 for the second part and finish in 3/4. As if it would speed up during the music. Well, I clearly didn't manage to do that since the most exciting part is the 5/4 part. So I threw out the 3/4 idea and improvised.
I added some glitch effects in some places to test it.
The middle part in 4/4 is strongly inspired by F-Zero on SNES but I couldn't help it.

Nitro-Music Rumble #6

Title: Funky Synth


Description: I scrupulously respected the instructions: only 3 instruments (one for each track).

  • The synth with 4 effects (release length, filter frequency, reverb or not, sidechain)
  • The bass with 2 effects (gain, sidechain)
  • The drums without effect

To have a thicker sound, the synth plays several melodies (main melody and counterpoint), the bass plays the bass and arpeggios in the highs.

Nitro-Music Rumble #5

Title: Space Odyssey


Description: I spent more time doing sound design than composition on this music. Obviously, there is a lot of reverb for the space effect and some delay on the textures effects that you can hear in the background.
I composed the music in three parts to try to tell a story:
Part one : we go from the interior of the ship with the electronic noises to the majesty of the space immensity.
Part two : the problems, the despair, the loneliness.
Part three : hope and tension before the final impact which marks the arrival on a new planet.
The tempo varies according to the parts and accelerates on the last one. I am not convinced by the effect but I wanted to take the risk.

Nitro-Music Rumble #4

Title: Castlevanooie


Description: I used the melody from Castlevania - Vampire Killer as is. I changed the arrangement to play only major chords and add a Banjo-Kazooie vibe. I put in two loops to enjoy it a little longer. The original music is very short (intro 6" and music 30").

Nitro-Music Rumble #3

Title: Neon City


Description: This is the first time I try chiptune and it's hard! I have a deep respect for those who manage to make 8bit hardware sounds good. The main difficulties were to correctly configure my DAW to have correct vibratos and arpeggios. Then the limitation of having two I-V-iv-IV's was complicated because I didn't want it to sound like bad eurodance. I learned a lot and now I have a clean setup to do chiptune again!

Nitro-Music Rumble #2

Title: Battle for the Kingdom


Description: I tried to mix orchestral music with medieval sounds and... dubstep. I don't think it can be perceived but it was an inspiration. The only part that can be heard that sounds like dubstep rhythm is the passage at 1'40".


Nitro-Music#10 - Toki no Kagi.mp3 3 MB
Nitro-Music#9 - The Elevator of Love.mp3 3 MB
Nitro-Music#8 - Sunset on the Pentatonic Shrine.mp3 6 MB
Nitro-Music#7 - Burning Asphalt.mp3 5 MB
Nitro-Music#6 - Funky Synth.mp3
Nitro-Music#5 - Space Odyssey.mp3 5 MB
Nitro-Music#4 - Castlevanooie.mp3 2 MB
Nitro-Music#3 - Neon City.mp3 3 MB
Nitro-Music#2 - Battle for the Kingdom.mp3 3 MB

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